Myfordbenefits – How to login Guide

Are you a Ford employee? If yes then, you must know about the and every Ford employee must know about this website. Ford is an international motor company motor company and has its headquarter in Michigan. Currently, Ford has more than 213,000 employees across the world and to give their employees various benefits they have launched program called as MyFordBenefits.

But to give the benefits to all the employees they established a website called as where all the employees of this company get the information of different services as well as benefits that would be received by the employees and only ford employee must have this account. Also, if you are not working in the Ford then you will not able to create your account on this website. Again, this is for only ford employees.

To login into this website the respective employee has to enter his/her unique user ID and account PIN. If you haven’t your account yet then, you will be able to create new account by entering employee ID, SSN and DOB and after verifying your all details you will be able to create your account and after that, you can log into your account.

How to log into your My Ford Benefits account?

  • Here, we are discussing complete process for logging into your account. The log in process is simple yet we have given you the step-by-step process.
  • First of all, go to the official website
  • After you visit this website, you will see two text boxes for entering your id as well as PIN.
  • Carefully, enter the user name and id.
  • Then, click on the log in button.
  • After, clicking on the button you will see your profile as well as personal dashboard.

Have you forgot you user ID and PIN? Then, no need to worry. Because we also have a solution of your question. So, let’s come to the point. Some of you may think that is it possible to recover my user ID and PIN? For them, yes, it is possible to recover your user id and PIN. But for that you have to follow a simple process.


How to get your forgotten id and PIN?

Again, go to the and you will see the Forget My User ID option there. So, click on that option. Enter your email address and complete the captcha to reset the new user id.

If you lost your password, then click on the My forget PIN and enter your user id to reset the new password.

What are the services offered by the to employees?

  • You can update your email address and then can receive the latest updates.
  • Also, you can save payment options
  • The information about all the services you will get after your retirement.
  • Also, you can get training tools as well as you can apply for some bonus or benefits.
  • Also, you can search for helpful information to improve youself.

Hope this article will help you. And as a ford employee don’t forget to create account on the

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