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At Long Surveys.Com We provide the best long myspace surveys and surveys for facebook notes. Simply choose a survey on the left, fill it out, then copy and paste in to a bulletin, blog, or a Facebook note. Browse our surveys by category. We have new long myspace surveys, popular surveys, and the newest long random myspace surveys!




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Triple ABC's Survey NEW
More Long And Random NEW
The Most Random Survey NEW
Are You Bored? NEW
More Than The Basics NEW
Funny Bulletin NEW

Another Tell All Survey POPULAR
80 Questions About You POPULAR
3 Section Survey POPULAR
Long Bulletin Survey POPULAR
Just Random POPULAR
Even More Random POPULAR
New Long Survey POPULAR
Long Fun And Random Long Survey
Admit It Long Survey
8 Sections Long Survey
Long 100 Question Survey Long Survey
Funny And Long Long Survey
More Randomness Long Survey

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